Kongens Skibsbro (The King's Ship Bridge)

At Kongens Skibsbro, the Royal vessel and other larger ships are mooring when visiting the city.

Kongens Skibsbro, (The King's Ship Bridge), is named after the reformation King Christian III, who originally built the ship bridge in 1548. Here, the king built his new ship bridge at Strandporten and widened the street, so that he could ride steadily into his new capital at the head of up to 300 riders.

In it's renewed form, the ship bridge was completed as a pile bridge in 1752; 13 years of work had been done on deepening the harbor by means of a dredging mill. In 1826 the pile bridge was changed to the permanently filled pier that we have today. 


At the very end of Kongens Skibsbro, is placed the monument FORSAVN, inaugurated June 6, 2018. It shall remind us of the dead seamen from Nyborg during the war 1939-1945.

The event was marked by speeches by war sailor Evald Brinck, Mayor Kenneth Muhs, chairman of the Marine Association Kurt Verner and from the Marine Association's working group Mogens Larsen.

During the years 1939-1945 - under inhumane circumstances – these sailors sacrificed their lives at the seven seas. This in their fight for democracy and freedom across the world.

On June 22, 2018, the publication "In Remembrance of the sailors from Nyborg lost during 1939-1945" was published at an event in the Nyborg Marine Association, and at the same time the work of establishing a memorial for the war sailors from here was set.

The publication has been prepared by Nyborg Municipality's communications department and Nyborg Marine Association and published on the occasion of the inauguration of the FORSAVN Monument.

You can read the entire memorial here