Heimdals Plads

In November 2019 the City Council decided that the hitherto officially named port site was named Heimdals Plads.

Heimdals Plads was one of the proposals that came into play after both citizens and other stakeholders were allowed to submit their bids.

And, as with many other squares, alleys and roads, the name naturally refers to part of Nyborgs impressive history.

M/F Heimdal was the first car ferry between Funen and Zealand, and was originally built for a route that United Danish Motor Owners, (now known as FDM), in 1930 would begin on the Great Belt in dissatisfaction with DSB's high prices, irregular departures and tight conditions on board the ferries. They therefore created their own shipping company, Motorejernes Færgefart A/S.

However, the private route never came to work, because DSB overtook the ferry and embarked on the Nyborg-Korsør route on November 1, 1930. During World War II, the Germans seized the ferry for troop transports to Norway.

After the war, M/F Heimdal serviced the route on a daily schedule until 1967.