Regulations governing the payment of harbour charges

Regulations governing the payment of harbour charges at Nyborg Marina 01.01.2010.

Paragraph 1 General provisions

Section 1 

Nyborg harbour consists of the Marina, Fiskerihavnen, Vesterhavnen, Østerhavnen, Kanalen and Tyrmolen. The harbour is owned by Nyborg Municipality.

Section 2

Nyborg Municipality’s Technical and Environmental Committee is responsible for the operation of the harbour. The harbour manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the harbour.

Section 3 

Nyborg Harbour handles the rental of moorings and associated facilities for use by recreational vessels.
Club premises/buildings and areas are rented out in support of the recreational interests of sea sport associations.

Section 4 

The allocation of moorings is on a waiting list basis. The mooring will be allocated to the person with the lowest number and a boat of a size that fits the mooring. Residents of Nyborg Municipality have priority. Moorings numbered V4001–V4011 by the Langelinie development are managed by special agreement.

Section 5 

Boat owners must not transfer or sublet the mooring to a third party.

Section 6 

The fishing quay is reserved for commercial fishermen.
An angling vessel is considered to be a recreational vessel when the owner’s income from the sale of fish does not exceed 3/5 of his/her annual income.

Section 7 

Tax is payable on all vessels with a mooring at the harbour.

Section 8

Net huts/Storage building 
In the event of the transfer of huts/rooms, a lease contact is set up. The leaseholder undertakes to comply with the rules in force governing the use of the development, etc. An EU subsidy applies.

Paragraph 2 Harbour charges

Section 1 Rates 

The rates are decided by the Town Council and are charged as follows:
1st instalment for the period 1/1 – 30/6 is due on 1/5 
2nd instalment for the period 1/7 – 31/12 is due on 1/9

The leaseholder undertakes to pay the rent stipulated by Nyborg Town Council.

Section 2 Failure to pay 

In the event of failure to pay the fees mentioned in this payment regulation, the matter will be transferred to the debt collection department of SKAT (the Danish tax authority) for further action, with consequential additional costs for the leaseholder of the mooring. All arrears will be subject to distraint.

Payment is subject to interest and fees pursuant to the “lov om gebyrer og morarenter vedr. visse ydelser, der opkræves af regioner og kommuner” (Danish Act on fees and default interest on certain services, charged by regions and municipalities) Act no. 939 of 27.12.1991, as amended. Where a reminder is sent regarding non-payment, a fee of DKK 250 will be charged.

Section 3 Moorings 

The rent is paid in two instalments, due on 1 May and 1 September.
The rent is regulated by the Town Council with a deadline set by the Town Council.
The rent is paid directly to Nyborg Municipality by giro slip or direct debit.

Section 4 Waiting list

Persons wishing to be included on the waiting list should contact the Harbour Office or the Technical and Environmental Committee.
They will then be sent a giro slip and the rules pertaining to the mooring waiting list.
Payment for inclusion is made directly to the municipality, with inclusion on the mooring waiting list occurring immediately after payment.

Inclusion on the waiting list is not subject to distraint.

Section 5 Yarn hut/Storage building

The rent is payable once a year and charged in January, with payment to Nyborg Municipality by giro slip or direct debit by 1 February at the latest.

Section 6 Visiting sailors

Harbour charges are payable immediately upon arrival at one of the two designated ticket machines.

Section 7 Electricity consumption 

Consumption above the permitted 800 W as well as consumption in the winter period will be settled via the installation of a secondary meter at the boat owner's expense. The purchase of electricity is paid according to the meter at the prices stipulated in the rate regulations.

Section 8 Boat lift/Crane

Payable in cash in connection with the lift.


The harbour master settles with the points of sale at an appropriate time depending on the season. Settlement must be made by the year-end. The points of sale are listed in appendices, which are revised regularly.

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