Fiskerihavnen (the fishing harbour)

Nyborg Marina also houses a small commercial port, Fiskerihavnen.

Fiskerihavnen is visited by tourists and locals alike for its special atmosphere. The cutters often leave the dock early in the morning and return at 2 pm, and it is always exciting to see what and how much they land at the harbour.

At Fiskerihavnen, 16 net huts have been built for the fishermen, modelled on the famous and beautiful Skagen huts.

Fiskerihavnen has up to 10 commercial fishermen and four part-time fishermen. In winter, a further five to six cutters arrive to unload the day’s catch, which is then transported to the current action houses. There are also 23 moorings occupied by four motor boats and 19 anglers.

Water and power points are available on the quays. If you use more than 800 W, please contact the harbour staff.

Sidst opdateret 10. juni 2015