The marina has good toilet and shower facilities – tickets for the toilets and showers can be obtained from the ticket machines at the Harbour Office and at Vesterhavnen/Østerhavnen at the public toilets building.

There is access to public toilets at four locations at Nyborg Marina. At Vesterhavnen/Østerhavnen at Lauses Grill, in Vesterhavnen 70D by Marineforeningen (the marine association), at the new buildings at the Harbour Office on Havnepromenaden 2A and at Griffensund close to the playground.

Water and power points are available on the jetties. If you use more than 800 W, please contact the harbour staff.

Harbour charges are paid at the designated ticket machines. There is two machines - one at the Harbour Office on Havnepromenaden 2A and one at the public toilet building at Lauses grill at Østerhavnen/Vesterhavnen.

The marina is humming with activity and quality of life. The marina is visited by tourists and locals alike, keen to enjoy the harbours' special atmosphere. The marina has a café with food and beverages. The town centre and its shopping streets, pharmacy, shopping centre and post office are within easy walking distance. 

There are several barbecue areas at the marina as well as a children’s playground.

Naturally, Nyborg Marina has facilities such as a slipway, mast crane, recycling station and small workshops.

The marina is also home to a number of clubs and associations, including sailing associations, the motor boat club, the rowing club, the diving club, the small boat club, among others.